Welcome to My Beloved Women's Leadership Network

Empowering a new breed of Women Leaders ready to do things God's way so we get His results

Welcome, Beloved, to My Beloved Women's Leadership Network!

I am Coach Felecia Killings, Founder of My Beloved Women's Ministry and My Beloved Women's Leadership Training and Development Program.

In June 2020, I launched this Virtual Ministry on Facebook and Twitter as a tool to equip God's daughters for greatness. After all, women are vital to the Kingdom of God. We play a unique role; and when given the proper guidance and tools for success, we function fully in our grace so lives are changed for the better. But oftentimes, we encounter traumatic hardships that destroy our confidence, self-worth, and future calling. 

From domestic-violent relationships to sexual assaults, some women struggle to rebuild their lives once they've been violated.

This is not God's purpose for His daughters.

Therefore, My Beloved Women's Ministry helps these women transform from the inside out. Through my weekly coaching sessions and virtual community, I help women blossom in their calling as they build and cultivate healthy social, political, and economic empires.


Every woman has a part or share in this great Kingdom work. When each one functions in her respective calling, we will witness the greatest revival and reformation our nation has ever seen." - Coach Felecia Killings

Since that time, this Virtual Ministry has quickly grown into a national online community that helps women rediscover their purpose and find joy in being who they are while learning how to use their gifts to bless their families and communities.

And today, under my leadership, My Beloved Women's Ministry has become the #1 training and community-based solution that teaches women how to flourish in business, ministry, motherhood, and marriage.

"Felecia has always been an award-winning coach. She taught me to stand up in my truth and to be okay with it. She didn't judge me. I will never forget the love and nurture that she extended to me over the years. All that she taught me is what I do in my business/ministry, sharing the same love to others to seek all that God has intended for them, according to His purpose."

- Tschanna Taylor, Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Life Coach

My Beloved Women's Leadership Training and Development Network

My Beloved Women's Leadership Network provides our members weekly empowering content that helps them experience spiritual, emotional, mental, financial, and physical healing. When the woman is whole, she is able to minister effectively as a wife, mother, community leader, ministry leader, and career woman.

Our vision is to equip 3,000 women leaders every year through our virtual training hub, and our mission is to deliver spiritual insight and practical development that release healing, deliverance, and economic opportunities to God's daughters.

As a member in our leadership network, women receive lessons that teach them:

  • How to know the Holy Spirit intimately so He empowers them for great success
  • How to fight for their healing while possessing it for a lifetime

  • How to use the virtual space to create new career opportunities

  • How to build healthy relationships and strong support systems

  • How to strengthen themselves as a mother while caring for their children

  • How to strengthen themselves as a wife while submitting to their husbands

  • How to thrive as a co-parent and/or single mother

  • And so much more!

I feel like I have stepped into a sisterhood of encouraging, professional, goal-setting, dream-achieving women." - Alicia Fleming

"Felecia challenged me to really look deep into what I needed to focus on, and now I can finally say I have clearer direction than before." - Safiyah Givens

Join My Beloved Women's Leadership Network Today!

If you desire to learn how to manifest your vision as a woman leader, then join our network today.

For just $50/month, you will receive:

  • The MBW Weekly Leadership Workshops ($500/month value): Engage in my LIVE training video series every Saturday (or watch all replays), which delve deeply into the principles and methods of Kingdom-based leadership for women. You will learn practical principles for creating new economic opportunities, including launching your online business or virtual ministry using your authorship. In addition, you will receive complimentary access to my best-selling resource, My Beloved Women's Leadership Manual. As a continual member, you will receive each new edition of the 500-page manual at no additional cost to you.
  • The MBW Leadership Convention Discount Code (10% OFF): Attend my annual leadership convention every year in Atlanta, GA. Our exclusive, 3-day event provides the perfect opportunity to meet and network with our community. This event offers hands-on, practical training from leading experts in the relationship, business, political, and career spaces.
  • The MBW Publishing Package Discount Code (10% OFF): Creating new economic opportunities starts by laying the foundation for your new online business or virtual ministry. When coupled with book publishing, you will elevate your credibility and authority in the virtual space, which generates more income for your social empires as ministry leaders, coaches, and authors.

"Felecia took the guesswork out of this process by providing us with a step-by-step framework to follow. The information on where to start, the laws of success, and the road map to success, along with real life examples, will be key in helping us to set ourselves up for success." - Tanika Feaster

"The resources Felecia laid out, the recommendations and priorities to manage, maintain, and grow a successful business are truly priceless. I look forward to working with Felecia and her expertise in guiding me in my own business. God bless her for sharing the tools of success with such grace, wisdom, and passion." - Marcella W.

Beloved, Don't Delay!

Join My Beloved Women's Leadership Network today and get started on your empowering journey.

See you inside, Beloved!

Help Support My Beloved Women’s Ministry Today

Through My Beloved Women's Ministry, we use our fundraising resources to provide single mothers FREE online business and virtual career training so they attract quality, high-paying opportunities that break the back of poverty.

For the mothers who participate in our program successfully, we reward them with monthly grocery blessings to help offset rising food costs. In addition, as the mothers complete their assignments and improve their online portfolio, we bring their work to our national audience who may be interested in their goods or services.

We believe strongly that the best way to help single Black mothers escape poverty is to teach them firstly how to become success-conscious. That means we spend time early in the ministry, teaching the women about the power of the mind, how to think the thoughts of God, how to know the Holy Spirit for themselves, and how to see their vision and make it a reality.

We then proceed with teachings on how to develop the right action plan to manifest their economic dreams. We teach them why “wishes don’t bring riches,” and why their strategic efforts are needed to get them into positions that place them in the middle-class income bracket.

As we share these case studies and success stories, we will ask small, mid-size, and large donors to make strategic contributions towards our ministry. In addition, we will connect with Conservative politicians and candidates who are willing to champion these ideas so more resources are allocated to our work.

Your dollars will truly make a strategic impact in our local communities while spreading the empowering message of Conscious Conservatism nationwide.

To donate towards our work of ministry, visit our fundraising campaign today. We offer special rewards for each Beloved Giver.

About Coach Felecia Killings and Her Organizations

Felecia Killings is the Founder of Coach Felecia Killings Omnimedia, Inc., a diversified media, coaching, consulting, and publishing company that teaches leaders and non-profit organizations how to manifest their visions in the social, political, and economic spheres. With 10+ years of experience working in media relations, publishing, and editorial development, she has become a nationally-recognized Communications Specialist whose keen insight has helped leaders and organizations reach millions of people with their vision, mission, brand, and core message.

Felecia is the Founder of My Beloved Women's and Girls' Ministry and My Beloved Women's Leadership Training and Development Program. As an Award-Winning Coach and Ordained Minister, she provides transforming life coaching services to women who are ready to rebuild their lives after experiencing trauma. In addition, her ministry teaches women how to flourish in business, ministry, motherhood, and marriage.

Felecia is also the Founder of The Conscious Conservative Movement, a national political work that bridges the gap between Conservatives and Black voters. She is the #1 strategist for national and statewide conservative victories using effective Black Outreach. Her efforts during the 2022 midterm election and Georgia's gubernatorial race helped solidify a strong win by employing best communications practices for selling conservatism in urban areas. She extends this training to rising political leaders through her leadership development and book-publishing coaching program: The CCM Leadership Training and Development Program and The Write Conservative Coaching Program. She is also the Founder of The Felecia Killings Foundation, a forthcoming non-profit organization that engages in research and development to help shape critical conservative policies that benefit Black communities.

Felecia is a Motivational Speaker, host of Twitter Class Podcast, and a nationally-recognized political commentator, sharing her insight with millions of Conservatives via mainstream and independent outlets. She has been featured on primetime shows including FOX Primetime, FOX and Friends, the New York Post, FOX Digital, Red State, Sonnie’s Corner, Victory News Media, Cross Country with Lawrence B. Jones, the Dinesh D’Souza Podcast, News Nation, and many more. She is the Senior Writer of My Beloved Publications, her daily newsletter that curates top articles from industry experts who focus on empowering leaders and non-profit organizations in the social, political, and economic spheres.

As a graduate of The University of California, Davis, Felecia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with double majors in English and African American Studies. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in Education. Her career ambitions are to continue working with leaders and their organizations who are dedicated to solving problems for millions of people in the social, political, and economic spheres. Non-profit organizations looking for a prolific Communications Specialist can hire her services today.

Finally, with all she has accomplished, Felecia's greatest joy is being the mother to Aaliyah Amore, the inspiration backing her national work.

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